We conduct Property Loss Prevention Surveys and provide reports tailored for specific purposes such as client use, marketing, and insurance ratings.

Industry Problem:

Property Loss Prevention Survey reports are used by several different companies, all of which are looking for answers to different questions from the same pile of data.  When the report isn’t tailored to the intended audience, assumptions and mistakes are made as there’s too much room for interpretation.

Our Solution:

We provide useful and meaningful data to the target audience by tailoring the report to meet the needs of the intended recipient.  To be very clear, this does not mean filtering the data in any way or omitting information that would cause the location or facility to appear better than it is.  Here are some ways we tailor reports to solve specific problems.
  • Targeted surveys can be used internally to correct challenges before an insurance rating survey is completed.  Think of it as a mock OSHA audit.  These can be extremely beneficial as they can identify something that might be sited.
  • On the Property side if you could identify Human Element Programs that are not up to the level they should be, it is beneficial to correct these prior to an insurance audit.  Human Element Programs hold a higher weighting in the overall plant rating and can affect the HRP status of the location.
  • If a new location is acquired and only basic C.O.P.E. information is needed, that can be provided in a clear concise format.  If you are looking to add a location to your global program and the Phase I study has some alarming that might cause a ripple in your markets, we can conduct a pointed survey to identify the challenges and key in on corrective action that might not take too long to implement.  Phase I studies are good for environmental issues but are limited on the property side.