Banschbach and Assoc., LLC was formed in January 2013 by Dennis Banschbach, Chief Officer, President and
CEO. The company came into existence in order provide Fire Protection Consultation Services to the
companies Dennis had serviced while employed by Global Asset Protection Services (GAPS).

Dennis Banschbach has over 30 years in Fire Protection Services with Factory Insurance Association (FIA),
Industrial Risk Insurers (IRI), Global Asset Protection Services (GAPS, that became GE-GAPS) and Hartford
Steam Boiler (HSB). With each insurance company, Dennis advanced his career and learned more about
providing fire protection consulting. While the job was challenging it became clear that the insurance company
was calling the shots and what the clients needed was not always delivered.

One of the strengths of Banschbach and Assoc., LLC is learning about the occupancy to be protected and
expanding on what the future occupancy of the space might be over time. This has saved clients several
hundreds of thousands of dollars by designing systems that are flexible yet only require a small premium at the
time of installation.

Dennis Banschbach has attended over 75 live fire tests conducted at UL Labs in Northbrook, IL. This
experience has given him a unique perspective on fire growth and how to manage extinguishment using the
latest technology. Over the years we have seen tremendous advancements in how to not only control fires in
different occupancies but extinguish them.

Dennis Banschbach has been a member of National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and Society of Fire
Protection Engineers (SFPE) for over 25 years and has sat on several NFPA committees pertaining to the
aircraft industry.

Dennis Banschbach
Banschbach & Assoc., LLC