• Commodity testing for a major $20 billion dollar company saved them $5,000,000 in upgrades to fire protection when they acquired a bakery company.
  • Fire protection was pretty humdrum until the ESFR head when the game changed in protection.  Tested a specific ESFR head for portable rack storage and saved a major tire company 20% on rental storage costs in their leased warehouses.  The new ESFR head allowed for increased storage heights.   Significant savings were realized for warehouse leasing space totaling 2,000,000 sq. ft.
  • A major auto supplier was faced with increased insurance premiums that were in the neighbor of 25% annually due to some prior losses.  A phase in program of protection for 20 facilities will have a payback of less than 4 years due to the “out of the box” recommendations supplied by Banschbach & Assoc, LLC.


"SunCoke Energy, Inc (SXC),and SunCoke Energy Partners (SXCP) is a global producer of metallurgical coal and manufacturer of metallurgical Coke with several Coal logistic and blending operations.  We have an active Risk Management Department which is integrated into all appropriate business matters.  We continue to pride ourselves with our HPR property conservation programs, low loss ratio, participation in the NFPA standards, active memberships in SFPE, ASIS, ASSE, and other related trade and standards organizations.

One of the key members of our property conservation program which we discuss with our property insurance markets annually includes the professionals at Banschbach and Associates. The company is an integral part of our program which helps us keep our facilities protected to the point where we reportedly have one of the lowest loss ratios in our industry.

Since partnering with Banschbach and Associates, they have assisted us in mitigating several flood estimate ratings that could have potentially cost our company thousands of dollars in additional insurance premium.

Banschbach and Associates is an organization we continue to trust to do the job correct the first time, and, one that remains a major part of our property conservation and insurance program."